Digital Painting

When artists are tech savvy too, digital painting is a boon! Well, even for other artists, digital painting can be really helpful as it has many benefits over traditional painting.

Digital painting has come a long way from when I used Microsoft Paint (Paint Brush back in those days), to Adobe Photoshop, and Macromedia (now Adobe) Flash for cartoonish paintings, and my all time favorite freeware Gimp etc.

Lord Ganesh Digital Painting by Sandeep Nair

Lord Ganesh Digital Painting by Sandeep NairWhile all those digital art works were more of a time pass due to hardship of holding the mouse, it did help in correcting or modifying existing paintings with smudges, stamp/clone tools and other filter effects.

I got into serious digital painting only when I bought a Wacom Tablet (unexpectedly during a Thanksgiving sale). I was really moved with the paper like grip and the intensity variations of brush strokes. However, drawing on the tablet interface while watching screen was a little uncomfortable personally.

With the generation of modern day tabs and stylus, I guess we are too close as original painting except for the mess with colors everywhere.

The real benefits of a digital painting is re-usability (as a whole or part by part). For example, if you want to draw a deity/idol with 4 different variations of hand gestures, you don’t have to redraw everything. And needless to say, the “undo” option that is unavailable in real life, the layering options, unlimited brush types and colors and not having to run to the art store.

Apple Pencil is no longer a luxury for iPad Pro users only. From Gen 6 iPad in 2018, the Apple Pencil works in our normal iPad. I tried various free apps, but finally bought “Procreate“, the first app that I even bought in the iOS. 100% worth it!

My first digital painting, of course dedicated for Lord Ganesha!

Lord Ganesha Digital Art by Sandeep Nair

So, if you wanna try digital painting, this is what I would recommend you plan to invest on:

  1. iPad Gen 6+
  2. Apple Pencil
  3. Procreate App

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